Christian CLAUX is the founder of the CLX clothing and footwear brand CLX, which represents the abbreviation of his family name

The American media follow and support the story of the Frenchman who started from nothing to conquer Hollywood with his brand.

These American media actions have enabled Christian to establish licensing partnerships

Christian’s story continues…


Chris Claux

CLX is a fashion concept on the rise. Here is a portrait of passionate French entrepreneur, Christian Claux, who has been around the world and back to follow his dream.

Hello, Chris. Tell us about your background and why you decided to create CLX.

I was born in Digne-Les-Bains, Alpes Haute Provence, and came to live in Toulon, France with my family. My father had finished his National Police School in order to join a team in Toulon.

I studied marketing and business in Toulon. I always had a very clear vision of what I wanted to do, and how to achieve my goals. I focused all my attention on my licensees and my goal is for CLX to be a worldwide brand.

First of all, I created simple, easy-to-wear, and attractive products with the CLX logo, gold accents, and vibrant colors. I wanted to attract the world of fashion magazines in France and abroad in order to establish the CLX brand across the media landscape as well as on the red carpet.

I want CLX to be both simple and glamorous. The CLX line represents the American lifestyle. The CLX lifestyle is to dress in casual clothes at the beginning of the day with ready-to-wear pieces such as jeans, T-shirts, and shorts; then, you can opt for chic attire in the evening.

You first arrived in Los Angeles in 2017. Tell us about the experience.

I used to watch television reports from the United States. It’s a country that has always fascinated me with its immensity, diversity, and variety — all the colors and positive energy. It’s a feeling that everything is possible!

Going to Los Angeles was an unforgettable experience for me. My inspiration developed once I was there, which allowed me to quickly integrate ideas for my collections.

How would you describe your personality?

I like simple things — having coffee by the sea, thinking about new strategies. I am a determined man. When I set goals, I give myself all the means in spite of the difficulties to reach them. I never give up in the face of difficulties. On the contrary, it motivates me even more.

Tell us about the process of creating a fashion collection.

Miss Paola Abiti, based in Italy, is responsible for licensing. She accompanies licensees throughout the process and up to distribution. She is a very valuable business partner for the development of CLX.

The licensees have very precise specifications. This is very important for the direction of future collections as these guidelines are the same for all countries. It’s very important for me to have a consistent image in all countries where CLX is distributed. The licensees take care of the manufacturing and distribution themselves.

Regarding distribution, we already have distributors in Poland, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Greece, Austria, Luxembourg, and the USA. Many other contracts are in progress, with distributors in Russia, Korea, Japan. In the United States, we are working with Miami Barcela, based in Miami, for the American license of CLX Jeans.

Who inspired you? What stories touch you emotionally? Have you been inspired by people in fashion?

The story that touched me the most was that of Christian Audigier — for me, he is the undisputed king of marketing. He was a true showman and businessman. He knew how to take his dream to the top no matter what people said or what obstacles he faced.

When you have dreams, you have to give yourself the means to achieve them by rolling up your sleeves at all costs. We only have one life — I don’t want to live with regrets and remorse.

How has CLX changed your life?

Indeed, it has changed a lot of things, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. There have been a lot of sacrifices in my private life and financially as well. The years go by so fast — you don’t want to lose a bit of it.

What is the next step?

We have just signed an exclusive campaign with Fashion TV Italy that will start in September 2021 during the biggest fashion weeks in America and Europe, this will end in February 2022!

We are launching the spring-summer 2022 season. It will be the entire CLX collection, so it’s a fundamental step. We must be at the top of quality. The denim jean license will start in the United States and Europe in late 2022 and others in early 2022. Easy Wear, Chic Collections, Footwear, and Women’s Underwear collections are currently being discussed with future licensees.

What are your goals for CLX?

Each licensee manages its own design and manufacturing. I inspect the products and add a personal touch before they are approved for manufacturing. My goals are to continue accelerating the development of apparel, footwear, and global licenses. I also plan to develop the brand for eyewear, fragrances, and fashion accessories.

Do you have a favorite quote or saying?

“All work deserves to be paid” and “Good things come to those who wait.”

Do you have a special story about turning points that changed your life?

I created my own story, my own destiny. I really believe that we all have our destiny in our hands and we can decide which direction to take. Life is made of choices.

I have met many people; beautiful people. I only retain the positive. What has built me in this beautiful adventure is human exchange and sharing.

Who else deserves credit in this story? Who has played an important role in your life?

Each stone brought to the building is important. Small or large, every single action counts towards growing a project. I have crossed paths with many sincere and caring people. I have been very lucky.

My friend Jay, with whom I just shot a nine-minute documentary on CLX, deserves credit. The film will be released in 2022 in the United States. So many people are doing their part to make the adventure grow, like my friend Clinton Wallace, official CLX photographer.

Goodness and kindness really do exist in human beings. This interview is also an expression of kindness from my friend Claire, founder of SpLAshPR agency, based in Los Angeles!