Clx Brand

2013 Creation of his French company brand International, Christian begins this desired “fashion” collection by illustrating the emotions felt during
this wonderful trip to the USA, which changed the conception of his own clothing brand. Under his leadership, Christian designed and developed
a line of clothing and fashion shoes dedicated to the world of cinema entertainment; inspiring the “Hollywood CLX” collection.

2014 Combining his focus, the world of cinematic entertainment and American style. The « Frenchie » weaves its media fabric in the United States,
They rely on marketing with fashion magazines, in France, but also in the United States, which he led on the red carpet To conduct interviews for
TV channels Miami USA 21, TV Los Angeles, and then on the TV of Floride Canal Bleu in October 2015. In addition, was featured in the magazine of
Miami HF Models in March 2015.

Thanks to the support of the SpLAsh. PR agency, CLX was among the brand partners of the spectacular Barnes Party in Beverly Hills, during 20th
Colcoa French Film Festival in April 2016. Next phase: an interview on a Tele Chaine dedicated to the mode in Los Angeles, California.

Parutions presse 2014-2015 VOICI le 10-10-2014 VOICI le 27-02-2015

Parutions presse 2015 CLOSER.FR le 17-06-15 ANOLIE Magazin, New-York, Juillet 2015

FRENCH DISTRICT : lettre d’information web en Floride

Les créations CLX 2014-2015

CLX end of 2015 and 2016

News of the CLX brand is accelerating:

  • broadcast of the interview with Christian CLAUX on the Canal Bleu TV channel in Miami in October 2015 – creation of two models of CLX

Hollywood collector shoes in early 2016

CLX at COLCOA, April 2016

  • Presence of CLX in April 2016 at the 20th French film festival in Colcoa (California) among the sponsors of the event. This opportunity was made
    possible thanks to the public relations agency Splash.PR Agency, headed by Claire Arnaud-Aubour, who became the PR partner of CLX in the
    United States.
  • travel to California at the end of September / beginning of October 2016 and passage in Jackie Watson, Watson Head Quarters, to present the history of CLX and all the products. the TV show of .

The CLX objectives in 2017

  • To successfully accelerate and internationalize its development, the company Brand International, holder of the worldwide rights to the CLX
    clothing and footwear brand.
  • Licensees who would be responsible for developing the brand (creating own collections and distributing them) in a geographic area and for
    specific segments.

Hollywood Marketing 2018/2019

Hollywood TV interview, Eye On L.A.

Chris CLAUX, Continues its evolution with the American television Los Angeles « Eye On L.A channels « ,press Magazines, the red carpet actors,
the actresses,

Other more important media actions when the Covid is calmer.

  • February 2021: He signs his first European license, Women’s Ready-to-Wear with Licensee , launch planned for spring / summer 2022.
  • April Dénim Licensee International he signs another worldwide license with an American company for the Dénim CLX collection spring / summer 2022.
  • April Licensee Footwear Europe, Russian spring / summer 2022.
  • October 21: Fashion TV Europe Commercials

The history of French continues its path, It plans other media actions in the United States in 2022.

  • March 22: Fashion TV Program in Europe , USA and Asia.