CLX Lifestyle



CLX brings a new inspiring look and feel of combining both European and American fashion and culture.

CLX is a lifestyle brand that expresses the values, aspirations, interests, attitudes, while embodying the American lifestyle culture. CLX seeks to inspire, guide, and motivate people, with the goal of introducing mid-tier and high end products contributing to the definition of the consumer’s way of life.

Gen X and Millennials strive for an idealized lifestyle like CLX that is depicted through “celebrities, social media, and Instagram filters”… that is a chic, fun and a classy brand. America inspired brands have always gained the focus and appealed to international markets such as Asian and European countries.

Gen Zers and millennials don’t want the status quo retail experience of their parents’ generation. They want lifestyle brands like CLX to engage with them as consumers — with their lifestyle, with the channels they prefer and, most important, with the causes they care about.

While Gen X is the prime target, there is a strong appeal for Millennials to want CLX from mid-tier/mass retailers who focus on urban and streetwear carry denim, tees, hoodies, bottoms and footwear such as sneakers.

It should be noted that Generation X’s high-earning period in their lives, especially high brand loyalty and affinity for nicer things, makes them an optimal target for a CLX luxury brand. There is a greater concentration of affluent within Gen X because they have entered the prime earning potential of their careers; CLX fills that need and desire with casual but high end business attire and accessories. They have a high affinity for the brands they trust and are willing to pay a premium for their products.

Products, Prices, Distribution Network

While the above touches upon the products and distribution channels, further explanation is noted below.

Retail and Distribution Positioning:

Targeted retail, separate collections;

  • Luxury high-end
  • Mid tier/specialty/mass market

Japan Distribution Channels:

Iconic Luxury Department Stores; Mitsukoshi, Matsuya and others found Japan’s premier shopping districts.
Mid-tier & Specialty chains; Parco, 0101, Sogo and Seibu


Targeted demographics are men 18 to 50 and women 20 to 45.


Mid-Tier/Specialty/Mass Market (Urban, Streetwear and Activewear)

Activewear – (Clothing that has been designed for exercising.)

  • Women; sports bras, leggings, shorts, crop tops, footwear
  • Men’s: sweatpants, sweatshirts, quick-drying shorts and T-shirts and footwear

Streetwear – (street fashion, which has its roots started in California that is Fashionable casual, comfortable pieces. Trends are indicating a definite jump towards pure, unfettered bagginess. Nowhere more so than in streetwear. Mostly found in mass and specialty)

  • Men & Women; Jeans, shorts, T-shirts, crop tops, baseball caps, and sneakers, Track Pants, hoodies and jackets

Urban – (Urban is similar to Streetwear; casual clothing style, typically worn by urban youths in a variety of subcultures. … Today streetwear is heavily influencing skate and surf culture, sportswear, high fashion, techwear, and primarily in the mass market retail industry.)

  • Urban is usually 20 – 40 % higher priced than streetwear.
  • Men & Women; Jeans, shorts, T-shirts, crop tops, baseball caps, and sneakers, Track Pants, hoodies and jackets

Luxury Department Stores

Women – (fashion-conscious and have large disposable incomes, are some of the most important customers for American fashion. Contemporary fashion, which contains the essence of the latest world’s fashion trends, has good potential in the market.)

  • Imported fashion brands from the U.S. and Europe are “usually” positioned in the higher price zone. CLX is positioned as an American inspired brand worn by American celebrities.
  • Dress/tunic and leggings (highest demand)
  • The best-selling items; dresses. Above-the knee-dresses, leggings, footwear and bags/purses.
  • Denim, jackets, t-shirts and skirts (short & long)
  • CLX trendy colors, materials/fabric, accessories and items
  • Consumption patterns are very diverse
  • The market is very well supplied and extremely competitive
  • Consumers demand extremely high quality fashion products. The number of SPA (Specialty store retailer of Private label Apparel) stores has been increasing.
  • Men – Japan’s design scene produces some truly unique garments for the modern man about town. Beams and United Arrows are the core of the market. They’re as accessible as Gap, but they have cutting edge stuff.
  • Denim, long trench coats, leather jackets, motorcycle goods, eyewear
  • Casual suits roll necks and over shirts, slacks, jackets and T-shirts to socks and streetwear.


Pricing should be determined by the licensee. They know their market and can price goods more effectively and what’s competitive. You would only be guessing. I would not recommend giving pricing but say, you are the expert on your market and we are ok with their judgement. There is no way to know what their manufacturing costs are, margin requirements, retail discounts, sourcing, etc. Again, do not provide prices, recommend they are the expert and know what is going to work best for their company and retailers.