CLX Identity


Identity CLX :

The founder of the Christian Claux brand CLX ( l’abréviation de son nom de famille )

Passionate about cinema, red carpet, flamboyant and flashy American colors.

During these trips to the United States Las Vegas, Los Angeles he integrated all the emotions into his CLX collections

Colorful flashy, classic chic, Found on Caps but also in other Footwear,ranges, Easywear, Classic, Denim, Underwear .

This American inspiration gave him the idea of ​​transmitting all these emotions through his qualitative collections, to satisfy the general public the desire to integrate a VIP fashion universe, Fashion, Classic Clothing shoes.

After presenting his Brand at the WSA Show in Las Vegas, then being deeply influenced by his USA trip.
Chris has decided to give a new direction to CLX, dedicated to cinema « Hollywood CLX inside ».
This chic and fashionable collection brings together two centers of Christian inspiration: cinema and American style.

Chris CLX